A film about dating in America.

The first question people ask me when I describe the film to them is the meaning of the title, VIE: it's the name of the lead female character's band, "Vixen In Extasy." To her the name of the band describes the dramatic transformation from being a woman in a powerful, manipulative state to one liberated by love to enjoy life - one who releases herself. And she prefers using the "ex" the French use in spelling it, not only because it looks more like "sex" but because it refers to an ex-boyfriend she was madly (and badly) in love with.


The acronym also suggests that to live, as the word appears in French, is to compete and struggle, as it appears in English. The singer believes the ecstasy she seeks would come from finally winning the struggle, something she both yearns for and believes is childish. For how does one "win" at life? Measured by career success or intimate relationships it seems to her to be momentary and fleeting. But the yearning for it has not yet left her, and she fears it may be intrinsic to life...

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